HIPAA Compliant Teletherapy is Available

Are you hurting and you don’t know what to do to feel better?

Are you feeling overwhelmed, have a problem or emotional pain, and
you’re not sure how to handle things?

You don’t need to struggle alone… I can help.

Reaching out for help shows you’re ready for change and
ready to let go of what hurts you.

In a safe, caring, and nonjudgmental partnership, together we can explore the issues at hand and promote real, long-lasting change that leads to:

  • Relief from emotional pain
  • Increased self worth
  • Trusting yourself and trusting others
  • Enhanced personal life, career, and close relationships
  • Engaging in behaviors that support your best possible life
  • Improved overall sense of well being…basically, feeling better!

As a licensed professional counselor I offer compassionate psychotherapy and counseling services in a respectful, supportive, and interactive style in the Littleton area to:

  • Women
  • Men
  • Emerging adults
  • Adolescents (ages 15+)

I work with people of all sexual orientations, lifestyles, and cultural backgrounds.

See “Why Seek Counseling?” for common problems and concerns I have helped clients with.

Are you wondering if you would benefit from counseling?

If so, I invite you to contact me for a
free consultation to help you decide.

Call Barbara at 720-839-4720