EMDR Consultation for Clinicians

My passion for EMDR stems from my personal and professional use. After witnessing so many positive, life-changing experiences of my clients when using EMDR, I decided to pursue my advancement of this well-researched protocol and am now an EMDRIA Approved Consultant as well as a Certified EMDR clinician. Additionally, I help facilitate practices and consultation groups for EMDR Basic Trainings with EMDR Center of the Rockies.

For those EMDR trained therapists that want to dig deeper into their EMDR skill set, better understand the nuances of this protocol, and/or move toward certification status, I provide individual and group consultation. Consultations can be conducted in my office, using a webcam, or via telephone.


I see EMDR as both a science and an art. My approach is to encourage you to find your unique “EMDR voice” while maintaining efficacy to the 8-phase protocol and 3-prong approach. By providing a nonjudgmental environment that fosters the “no stupid question” rule, I hope to help develop confidence in your safe and effective use of EMDR.

Consultations may include:

  • Review and clarification of information from basic training (including but not limited to: 8-phase EMDR protocol, 3-prong approach, adaptive information processing, dual attention, appropriate targets as well as appropriate NC’s and PC’s, interweaves, looping vs. blocking, etc.)
  • Client selection and preparation for optimal successful EMDR outcome
  • Specific case conceptualization and consultation
  • Practices and demonstrations
  • Feedback when working with particular cases (complex PTSD, developmental trauma, depression, recent single-incident trauma, etc.)
  • Discussing other questions or concerns that come up during EMDR sessions
  • …and most importantly, support and ideas for your unique, creative style within the EMDR therapy lens.

Please contact me at 720-839-4720 to discuss taking your EMDR skills to the next level!