EMDR Information for Clients

A goal of counseling is to offer relief of emotional pain in a long-lasting, meaningful way, and instill an improved sense of self and overall life experience.

Through the use of evidence-based EMDR therapy, which stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, I help my clients shift from negative beliefs and move into a healthier, more positive state of being.


With EMDR, your past is just a memory and not a living moment.

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Through the use of EMDR therapy, my clients and I explore how those negative beliefs were born – maybe a specific event or possibly small but cumulative events – and help untangle the web so a more authentic, life affirming belief can be instilled.



I have advanced training in EMDR and am an EMDRIA Approved EMDR Consultant as well as a Certified EMDR clinician. I am honored to put this training to excellent use to help heal the wounds of:

  • Sexual, physical, and emotional childhood abuse.
  • All types of trauma, man-made or natural disasters.
  • Domestic violence or intimate partner violence.
  • Grief and loss.
  • Betrayal, either from a personal or a professional experience.

I also utilize EMDR to help those:

  • Navigating challenging life situation or important life decisions.
  • Struggling with overwhelming anxiety or low self-esteem.
  • Wanting to let go of the past so they can live more fully in the present.

Just as the physical body can heal a cut under the right circumstances, so can the emotional body. EMDR and the right clinician can provide the structure and support for your inner intelligence to reprocess and repair old patterns and wounds to help you let the past be in the past so you can live fully in the moment.

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For more resources on this and other topics, please see my “Client Resources” page.

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