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EMDR and General Consultations

EMDR Consultations

Helping colleagues move from EMDR Technician to EMDR Clinician is what I love to do!

General Consultations

Are you ready to take your knowledge and skills to another level?

EMDR Consultations

As an EMDRIA Approved Consultant and Certified Clinician, I can help you take your EMDR skills to the next level through group or individual consultation.

Whether you are working toward certification or honing up on your EMDR therapy knowledge, I am dedicated to helping you become a skilled EMDR therapy clinician so you skillfully and successfully integrate EMDR therapy into your practice.

Consultation groups I lead are highly interactive, inclusive, encouraging, and a safe place to be vulnerable. My not-so-hidden hope is that you find your “EMDR voice” and confidently integrate this powerful and effective therapy into your clinical practice.

My EMDR lens is influenced by my additional studies of:

Polyvagal theory

Interpersonal neurobiology

Self of the therapist

Parts work

Engaging in behaviors that support your best possible life


Consultation is designed to cover the fundamentals of EMDR therapy as well as support developing new skills to help you move toward being a competent EMDR clinician. Consultation may include:

Review and clarification of information from basic training, such as:


8-phase EMDR standard protocol


3-prong approach


Adaptive information processing


Dual attention and bilateral stimulation


Target selection


Appropriate NC’s and PC’s




Looping vs. blocking


…..and more!....

Client readiness and preparation for optimal successful EMDR outcome

Specific case conceptualization and consultation

Practices and demonstrations

Feedback when working with case presentations

Discuss other questions or concerns that come up during EMDR sessions

Additionally, consultation can include:


Access to practical and useful EMDR forms


How to incorporate remote or virtual EMDR therapy into your practice


Review of audio or video taped client sessions


…and most importantly, support your unique, creative style within the EMDR therapy lens and integrating EMDR therapy successfully into your clinical practice.

General Clinical Consultations

Are you ready to take your knowledge and skills to another level?

In addition to EMDR specific consultation, I offer consultation on:

Polyvagal Theory

Sandplay/Sandtray for Adults

Complex Trauma Treatment

Self of the Therapist – How to be a super co-regulator!

Are you wondering if you would benefit from working with Barbara?

If so, I invite you to contact me for a free consultation to help you decide. Email, or call Barbara at 720-839-4720.